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(The Good Guys and the Bad Guys)

Drawing of two heads, side-by-side.  One wears a white cowboy hat, the other a black one.  They both have Doomsday clocks for faces.

Info about the Doomsday clock

See lyrics below to NUCLEAR MADNESS LULLABY.  Click on this link to listen online or download mp3
In the event of a nuclear war
Getting to sleep can be really a chore
So if you cannot sleep
Try counting genetically mutated sheep

Go to sleep, my little baby, do not trouble your mind
The bad guys can destroy the whole world fifty-seven times
But the good guys can destroy it
Fifty-eight or fifty-nine
The bad guys want to end the world
But if they try to do it
The good guys will never stand for that
They will beat them to it

Close your eyes, my little baby, daddy's here in your room
The bad guys kill with foul-smelling chemicals of doom
But the good guys kill with gases
Which are scented with perfume
Either way, you won't survive
But if the good guys kill you
You'll smell like Chanel number five
Baby, don't that thrill you?

Still awake, my little baby, what's the matter with you?
Everyone's invited to that final barbecue
Where the good guys all are tender
And the bad guys hard to chew
So till somebody drops the bomb
My little appetizer
Just be a good guy, love your mom
And you'll need no tenderizer

How dreadful it feels to fall dead on the floor
If it's the bad guys who kill you for war
But you feel just a joyful release
When it's the good guys who kill you for peace

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