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Drawing of a city skyline.  Musical notes, question marks and hearts stream down from the upper windows of the tallest skyscraper.
Notes from the Age of Uncertainty

Songs and Lyrics of Rob Krikorian

There is so little time.
We have doom for a neighbor
And doubt for a heart
And dreams for a savior.
We are born slave to seasons
And to tides that grope and waver
With the moon's troubled phases.
Love's the one thing in our favor
And there's so little time.
                                   Rob Krikorian's signature

Welcome to this website of my songs. Here you can listen to them or download them for free in mp3 format. The full lyrics to each are also presented. These songs, which I have written and performed over the years, vary greatly in terms of musical genre. They reflect my obsessions, humor and unrelenting sense of mystery on such topics as love, relationships, various sociopolitical issues, security and mortality in addition to my experiences both as an Armenian-American and as a gay man. I have included the songs from my studio CD, Quicksand in the Hourglass, in addition to an Archive of dozens of home recordings. I am also introducing the site's first Featured Song called Nuclear Madness Lullaby, which I thought timely and appropriate to the Age of Uncertainty. I have tried to make this site as technically simple and accessible as I know how. If you want to make a suggestion or comment, please use the Contact links to e-mail me. I hope you find something here to enjoy.

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